Gold Star Certified Isuzu from Nutmeg Truck Centers

Only The Best Pre-Owned Isuzu Trucks…Period

When it comes to selecting used trucks to offer our customers, its often knowing which trucks not to buy. These days many states use extremely harsh chemicals for snow and ice control on their roadways. Chemicals like magnesium chloride wreak havoc on vehicles and can shorten the lifespan of trucks by 50%. In fact, most Isuzu trucks in the rust belt are finally taken out of service not due to mechanical issues, but when they succumb to rust and corrosion. Our used inventory is hand selected from areas of the country that do not use such chemicals. The vast majority of our pre-owned Isuzu trucks come from places like Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and states in the Mid Atlantic region. We simply won’t accept trucks from areas where chemicals have already begun their corrosive effects. That means our trucks will inevitably last longer and cost you less in maintenance over time. 

The Isuzu Gold Star certification process is a very rigorous, painstaking process that ensures our customers are buying the highest quality pre-owned Isuzu trucks available on the market. Once a truck has been inspected and reconditioned to Gold Star standards, all work orders are submitted to Isuzu for approval. Then and only then are they Gold Star Certified. Then and only then will we offer these trucks to our customers. Each Gold Star Certified truck comes standard with a basic three month,  10,000 mile powertrain warranty at no charge. It also allows you as the customer, to purchase longer warranty terms up to 3 years and 90,000 miles. All backed by Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. Not an aftermarket warranty company! That’s the Gold Star difference.